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Pepper steak heaven

I love using leftovers to spice up lunch the following day. I think it's so much nicer than batch cooking a huge amount of food in one go and then either defrosting it for weeks to come or boring yourself to tears with the same food for days on end. 

I made this simple lunch up as I went along but it was so fresh and tasty that I'll be making it again on purpose next time. I used a little extra peppered steak I cooked last night and added finely sliced spring onions and fresh tomatoes dressed with a little olive oil, onto freshly cooked scrambled eggs (I used a couple of tiny eggs here as I was also getting a good shot of protein from the steak). I served it with a good handful of baby gem lettuce leaves dressed in lemon juice and a little olive oil. 

I'm not usually a huge fan of eggs at lunchtime however the pepper and the zing from the other ingredients made this feel really fresh and light. Super simple, ready in 5 mins topped and after you've eaten this, you're totally ready for the rest of the day. 




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