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Resistance is key!

Add resistance in any form to get more bang from your workout. Suspension training (we love KO8 free weights or bodyweight all load your muscles, increase calorific burn (during and after your training), challenge your postural muscles (struggling here after a slack month) and as I'm always short on time, I try to focus on moves that work multiple sagging parts at once - here I'm working my whole lower body, core, shoulders and upper back with a squat and pull motion. I really didn't want to train today but I've promised myself that this month is all about consistency. Paying a little daily rent, whatever my mood. .

This photo is taken from our fitness studios in Harrods. Imagine a noisy, cramped, stressful space to train. Then imagine the opposite and you're with us in Harrods. Serene, private, quiet (or choose whichever music you fancy playing) and all in our expert hands. Pop along and take a look if you would like to find out more.


The It List!

Don't forget to pick up Tatler this month ... so thrilled that we made the It List again this year. All down to my phenomenal team putting their full butt into everything that we do! Do pop in and meet us at Walton Street or in our new space within The Wellness Clinic in Harrods. And if you're based in Timbuktu we can help you too. About a third of our clients are based overseas. Find out how you can get off the diet treadmill and transform your habits for good .... .

Quick and easy snack

his snack is trending for me right now. Must be Hovis and not posh artisan bread. Must be chunky sugar free peanut butter and today's topping is cacao nibs which I've only recently given in to - they were too trendy they irritated my nibs off. But now we are friends. Hope you're sharing an equally Rock and Roll Friday night friends ...

Turn up the flavour

Turning up the flavour volume on simple snacks by adding extra good fats and a few toms and herbs for flavour. On a mission this month to squeeze in two snacks mid am and two mid afternoon on my quest to gain a kilo of muscle ... just trying to get in some veggie protein between main meals, even if it's just a delicate dose. Do try this quick snack at home ...

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