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The Perfect Dressing?

I'm a big believer in having a good handful of dressings up your sleeve. Just five will liven up one basic chicken salad into five little heavenly salads.

Most classic dressings work off the principle of two to three parts fat (olive oil, sesame oil, walnut oil etc) to one part sour (vinegar, lemon, lime etc). As we want each meal on the Louise Parker Method to contain a little dose of fat we actually want some good fat in your dressing. Depending on what you're actually dressing, determines how much fat you need to dress it with.

For example a higher fat protein such as feta in a salad calls for a lower fat dressing as you've already included all the fat you need.

A really low fat protein source such as lean chicken will mean you'll need to add one of our slightly higher fat dressings (containing at least half a tablespoon to a tablespoon of oil - check with your Louise Parker Dietician as it depends on your individual needs and what phase you're in - fat loss or lifestyle).

My Green Goddess not only has the most ridiculous 80's name but a ridiculously fabulous amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Vitamin C. It takes 90 seconds to make (we LOVE quick and easy) and lasts a good few days in the fridge. Everyone loves it and it just transforms the most basic salad into something special.

Here's how I make it.

I use a Vitamix (they are scarily expensive but I use it twice daily and have done for years so for me it's probably one of my best kitchen investments - along with my Grohe taps but that's for another day!)

This recipe makes a big jug but you can half the portions of course. It's so low fat that you can be generous with your portion but you'll probably do well with 3-4 tablespoons per salad.

Combine the following and blend for 30 seconds:

170g of 0% Greek Yoghurt (I love Fage)

Juice of 2 lemons (try limes too)

2 tablespoons of good olive oil

2 cups of densely packed mint

2 cups of densely packed parsley

2 cups of densely packed basil 1

teaspoon of Sea Salt (I love Malden)

1 teaspoon of ground black pepper

Once blended, add a good handful of chives, chopped finely with kitchen scissors.

Play around with the ingredients and don't be afraid to experiment. Protein and calcium rich Greek yoghurt and either lemons or limes make a beautiful base for zingy dressings and work gorgeously with mustards, tarragon or cumin and coriander.

Let me know on Instagram or Twitter if you'd like some more dressing ideas or if you have any questions you'd like me to blog about. I'm here to help you transform your habits in any way I can.

Most of my tips are posted on Instagram so give @figuremagician a follow and please tag your friends who you think will like what we do. Let's spread the word for a beautifully simple, achievable healthy lifestyle and together try and banish trend dieting! Don't forget to #LouiseParkerMethod your pictures if you'd like me to check in!

Fabulous finger food

These fiery chicken jerk bites with passionfruit dressing are absolutely divine and a fantastic 15 minute mid-week supper. Ditch the knife and fork and dive right in. Yes you'll get messy but the flavour explosion makes it absolutely worth it.

To make, simply marinade chicken mini-fillets with a little olive oil and jerk flavour mix (ideally pick a brand without added sugar - I use Barts). Add as much as you want depending how hot you like it. Pop these in the oven and roast for 10 mins max - it's easy to be scared into over-cooking chicken so don't be afraid to check them after 8 mins. 

Place the cooked chicken into gem lettuce leaves and dress with a dressing made of passion fruit, olive oil, salt, pepper, lime and a little stevia (a natural, plant-based sweetener - so nothing scary in it) if you find it too tart without it. Then go wild with the garnish adding some chopped chilli, coriander and spring onion. 

Then go for it and tuck in! 



Salted Dark Chocolate Brazils

My salted dark chocolate Brazils (B complex, selenium and minerals) with dehydrated strawberries captured here by the wonderful @nataliejmt are a saviour on those nights you just need a little something sweet. Stick to 2-3 with comforting herbal tea and save the sweet treats (in the new cookbook on Amazon here) for when you really need it. Simply dip Brazils (or almonds are fab and higher in protein but you need patience and tweezers) in melted 70% dark chocolate, sprinkle with Malden sea salt and dehydrated berries (baking section of many supermarkets) and set to cool. The longer you're on method, the less you'll crave sweet and there are plenty no sugar options in the book, like mango and pistachio frozen yoghurt - one of my favourites. Once you've completed the Transform phase and ease into Lifestyle, no foods are off the table, just a phase of learning the art of balance - which I believe anyone can do. .



Free Lean for Life App!

For my second book, I wanted to give readers a little something extra and so I'm thrilled that you can track your progress on Lean for Life with my free app! Available from the App Store the Lean for Life app gives you a great way to record every day on the four pillars of my method. The app also gives you lots of free content and provides helpful tips and nudges everyday as your new routine becomes habit. 

I've had so much lovely feedback on Instagram about how helpful the app has been and please do keep sending it to me plus your progress photos too (which the app will help you to take and store!).



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